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Terms of agreement

1.General Provisions

1.1. LLC NHP GROUP offers the Internet user (“the User”) to use its services on the terms and conditions set forth in this user agreement ("the Agreement"). The Agreement comes into force from the moment the User expresses consent with its terms in the manner provided for in clause 1.4 of the Agreement.

1.2.LLC NHP GROUP offers the Users access to a wide range of services, including means of searching for a product and its pre-order in Russia and in the CIS. All existing services of the site nhpstore.com, as well as any development of them and / or the addition of new ones, is the subject of this Agreement.

1.3. The use of services of LLC NHP GROUP is governed by this Agreement, as well as the terms of use of individual services. The agreement can be amended by LLC NHP GROUP without any special notification, the new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Internet at nhpstore.com ("the Site"), unless otherwise provided for in the new version of the Agreement.

1.4. From the beginning of use of any service of the Site (its separate functions) or having passed the registration procedure, the User is considered to have accepted the terms of the Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions. In case the User disagrees with any of the provisions of the Agreement, the User is not entitled to use the services of LLC NHP GROUP. If LLC NHP GROUP made any amendments to the Agreement in the manner provided for in Clause 1.3 of the Agreement, with which the User does not agree, he must stop using the services of LLC NHP GROUP and leave the site.

2. User registration. User account.

2.1. In order to use the Website services or some separate functions of the services, the User needs to undergo the registration procedure as a result of which the User account will be created.

2.2. The User undertakes to provide reliable and full information for registration about himself on the questions offered in the registration form and to keep this information in an up-to-date state. If the User provides incorrect information or LLC NHP GROUP has reason to believe that information provided by the User is incomplete or doubtful, LLC NHP GROUP has the right at its own discretion to block or remove the account of the User and to refuse provide the services (or their separate functions) for the User.

2.3. LLC NHP GROUP reserves the right to demand from the User of confirmation of the data specified at registration any time and to request in this regard corresponding documents which if failured to be provided, at the discretion of LLC NHP GROUP, can be considered equal to granting unreliable information, and lead to the consequences provided by p. 2.2 of the Agreement.

2.4. Login and password for access to the User account. When registering, the User independently chooses to himself login (a unique symbolical name of the account) and password for access to the account. LLC NHP GROUP has the right to forbid use of certain logins and also to set requirements to login and password (length, valid symbols, etc.).

2.5. The User independently bears responsibility for safety (resistance to hacking) of the password chosen by him and also independently provides confidentiality of the password. The User independently bears responsibility for all actions (and also their consequences) within or with use of the Website services under the account of the User, including cases of voluntary transferring of data by the User for access to the User account by the third parties on any terms (including under contracts or agreements).

2.6. The User is obliged to notify LLC NHP GROUP immediately on any case of unauthorized (not permitted by the User) access to LLC NHP GROUP services with use of the account of the User and/or on any violation (suspicion of violation) of the password confidentiality.

2.7. Use of the User account. The User doesn't have the right to replicate, repeat and copy, sell and resell and also to use any parts of LLC NHP GROUP services for any commercial purposes.

2.8. Registration termination. LLC NHP GROUP has the right to block or remove the User account and also to forbid access from any account to certain services of LLC NHP GROUP and to remove any content without explanation, including in case of violation by the User of this Agreement's provisions or any other documents, provided by p.1.3 of this Agreement, and also in case of non-usage of certain services, namely:

2.9. Removal of the User account.2.9.1. The User has the right to remove his account on all services of the Website any time or to stop its activity concerning some of them, having used the corresponding function in the private section.

3. LLC NHP GROUP Terms of use

3.1. The User independently bears responsibility to the third parties for the actions connected with use of the Service including if such actions lead to violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the third parties and also for compliance with the law when using the Website.

3.2. When using LLC NHP GROUP services, the User has no right:

3.2.1. to impersonate any other person or representative of an organization and/or company without the sufficient rights to do that, including the LLC NHP GROUP staff, moderators of forums, the owner of the website and also to apply any other forms and ways of illegal representation of other persons in the Internet and also to mislead users or LLC NHP GROUP concerning properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;

3.2.2. to illegally collect and store personal data of other parties;

3.2.3. to prevent normal work of the LLC NHP GROUP Website and services;

3.2.4. to place links to Internet resources which content contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

3.2.5 to promote actions directed on violation of the restrictions and the bans imposed by the Agreement;

3.2.6 in any other manner to violate the legislation, including rules of international law.

3.3. When using the Website services, the User is obliged:

3.3.1 To respect the current legislation of the Russian Federation when committing the pre-order using the Website services.

3.3.2 When ordering the item relating to the prescription medication and also when purchasing the item in a drugstore of partners, to bring with himself and before purchase to provide the prescription issued in the form approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation from 2/12/2007 No. 110 (an edition from 1/20/2011) "On an order of appointment and invoicing of medication, products of medical appointment and specialized products of clinical nutrition".

3.3.3 Before transfer of the prescription for purchase to check that the prescription is signed by the doctor and is confirmed by the personal stamp, on one prescription form no more than 3 medication items are prescribed, on the form there are no corrections. In the left top of the prescription form there should be the stamp of the medical organization with the indication of its name, address and phone number, on the form of the prescription given by the private medical practitioner in the top left in the typographical way or stamp the address of the doctor, number, date and period of validity of his license, name of the public authority issued the document confirming existence of the license has to be specified. In case of discrepancy of the prescription provided by the User to the above-mentioned requirements, the selling of such medication can't be perfomed.

3.4 LLC NHP GROUP doesn't carry out sell medication and other goods accoding to the Art. 26.1 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On consumer protection", information on goods on the Website is of advertizing character. The contract of purchase and sale of goods is signed between the seller and the User on the basis of the pre-order from the Website. The pre-order is a guarantee of reservation of goods for the User at the determined price is recorded in the order within 2 calendar days from the moment of the pre-order registration.

3.5. Delivery of goods relating to the medication category is possible to the address specified by the User only provided that the User is classified as citizen to whom standards of legal acts on delivery of medication to the house are applied.

4. Return and exchange policy

4.1. When reading this Agreement, when pre-ordering the goods with use of LLC NHP GROUP services the User is acquainted that according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation from 2/7/1992 No. 2300-1 (an edition from 7/18/2011) "On consumer protection", and the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 1/19/1998 No. 55 (an edition from 1/27/2009) "On the approval of Rules of salling the separate types of goods, the list of long use goods to which the buyer's requirement about gratuitous granting to him the repair or replacement of similar goods doesn't extend, and the list of the nonfoods of appropriate quality which aren't subject to return or exchange for similar goods of other size, form, dimension, style, color or completing", goods for prevention and treatment of diseases in house conditions (items for sanitation and hygiene made of metal, rubber, textile and other materials, tools, medical devices and equipment, oral hygiene items, eyeglass lenses, objects of child care), medication; personal care products (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hairpins, hair curlers, wigs, chignons and other similar goods); perfumery cosmetic goods – are subject to exchange only in case of a defect.

4.2. Claims on the goods acquired with usage of the Website services are accepted in the LLC NHP GROUP Claim Department (contacts in the Website section "Our Contacts").

4.3. Detailed information on the order and rules of selling of medication and other goods, full information on goods (instructions, summaries, certificates of quality, etc.) are provided on demand at regisration of the pre-order by the User on the Website.


5. Exclusive rights on service content.

5.1. All objects available by means of LLC NHP GROUP services, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, video (hereinafter – the service content) and also any content placed on the Website services are objects of the exclusive rights of LLC NHP GROUP, Users and other owners.

5.2. Use of service elements is possible only within the functionality offered by this or another service. No elements of content of LLC NHP GROUP services posted on the Website can be used otherwise without preliminary permission of the owner. By use we consider the following, including: replication, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, display in a frame, etc. The exception is made by the cases which are directly provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation or conditions of use of a certain service of LLC NHP GROUP.

5.3. Use by the User of the service content elements for personal noncommercial use is allowed provided that he's keeping all signs of copyright, neighbouring rights, trademarks, other notices of authorship and also a name (or a pseudonym) of the author/the owner in an invariable form, saving the proper look of the corresponding object. The exception is made by the cases which are directly provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation or terms of use for a certain service of LLC NHP GROUP.

6. Third parties' websites

6.1. Services of LLC NHP GROUP may contain links to other websites in the Internet (websites of the third parties). The specified third parties and their content aren't checked by LLC NHP GROUP for compliance to any requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). LLC NHP GROUP doesn't bear responsibility for any information and materials posted on the websites of the third parties to which the User gets access using the services, including for any opinions or statements expressed on the websites of the third parties, advertizing, etc. and also for availability of such websites or content and the consequences of their use by the User.

6.2. The link (in any form) on any website, product, service,information of commercial or noncommercial character posted on the Website isn't approval or the recommendation of these products (services, activity) made by LLC NHP GROUP, except for cases when it is stated clearly on LLC NHP GROUP resources.

7. Advertizing on the Website services

7.1. LLC NHP GROUP bears responsibility for the advertizing posted on the Website in the limits set by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

8. Lack of security and limitation of liability

8.1. Natur Hels Produkt doesn't bear responsibility for any kinds of losses which have occurred owing to use by the User of Natur Hels Produkt services  or separate parts/functions of the services;

8.2. Under all circumstances responsibility of Natur Hels Produkt according to the article 15 of the Civil code can be imposed only provided that there's a fault in its actions.