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Omega-3 is a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids from sea fish of northern latitudes and linseed oil. It is truly unique normalizing almost all the body system performance. These acids strengthen the heart and blood vessels, increase joints mobility, improve brain performance. PUFAs also regulates synthesis of "hormone of happiness" called serotonin, which put in a mood and ups efficiency. Moreover, taking Omega-3 is a secret of beautiful skin, steady nails and thick hair.

The preparation contains a unique ROPUFA® component derived from marine fish from the northern latitudes and that has processed by a multi-stage purification system from impurities, toxins and ballast substances with special antioxidants. They prevent oxidation of the resulting oil, extend the shelf life and exclude appearing unpleasant fishy smell. At the same time, ROPUFA® contains a high PUFA concentration: 1 capsule of Omega-3 contains the same PUFA quantity as 3-4 capsules of conventional fish oil.